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Our Story


Cherie Parnell


Cherie Parnell founded BEAM after years of working as a barrister in the family law courts.  She would represent mothers who very often would lose their children to the care system.  Leaving them with a mere handshake and expression of regret was simply not good enough.  Knowing that many of these mothers had often suffered abuse and trauma in their lives was difficult to reconcile with the knowledge that there was no support group available. Cherie was aware they would leave court having been through a process that is often traumatic and riddled with shame.     

So after much struggle and prayer, Cherie decided to leave the Bar, take a leap of faith and start a local group, which she called BEAM.  Seeing the transformation of many BEAM mums growing and moving forward despite the pain has been incredibly rewarding and life changing.

Shuna McCahon


Shuna is an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.  She works as a school counsellor and also provides counselling for adults both privately and for a local counselling charity. Shuna has been involved for many years in training people to become certified counsellors.  Her compassion, empathy and wisdom helps to provide a safe space at BEAM that many of the mothers desperately need.  Shuna has seen first hand the changes that many of the mothers at BEAM experience through finding their voice and being empowered through peer to peer support. 

NATTY copyl.jpg

Natty - Art Director

BEAM was delighted when Natty joined us. She is a force of joy and creativity.  After completing numerous courses and obtaining certificates in many disciplines, Natty was appointed BEAM Art Director in September 2022.  She has helped us develop an art programme working alongside our therapeutic trained artist Marie.  

Nat - Editor of The BEAMY

Nat approached us in January 2023 asking if there was a newsletter for BEAM.   When she was told there wasn't she asked if she could start one.  We agreed and have been absolutely delighted with the way The BEAMY has developed.  Each edition of The BEAMY contains interviews of various people who come on the 'virtual couch', Mum of the Month, Letters to the Editor and articles written by BEAM mums.  We are over the moon and excited to see how The BEAMY develops.


BEAM runs an online wellbeing group using the outline of the Kintsugi Hope wellbeing programme.  We have tailored it to meet the needs of the mothers at BEAM.   We are partners with Kintsugi Hope and are incredibly grateful to them for their support and encouragement. 

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