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Image by Annie Spratt

Why is BEAM so important?

If you lost a child through death or miscarriage the community around you would be compassionate and kind.  You would be able to access, both locally and nationally, a number of charities that could support you through your loss and heartache.  Mothers who lose their children due to court involvement also suffer grief but it is compounded by shame.  This toxic mix keeps many mothers isolated and stuck in destructive cycles. The need for these mothers to receive support and care is essential if they are to heal and recover and ultimately move forward with their lives. 

Who should refer to us?

BEAM is a peer to peer support charity built up, run and attended by women who are coping with enforced separation from their child.  

We are a fully registered charity that carefully maintains high standards of compliance with safeguarding and confidentiality policies.

BEAM has developed strong professional relationships with statutory and voluntary agencies.  We have been commended for the support we offer mothers through their journey of self recovery.  We network and share resources with other charities and organisations around the country who seek to empower and support mothers separated from their children.

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