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A New Year Awaits

As we come to the end of 2022 we recognise that it has been hard for so many birth mothers apart from their children. Nothing BEAM does can replace our children so why is BEAM so critically important and what does it mean to birth mothers apart from their precious children? Perhaps it is best to hear some direct quotes from a questionnaire to BEAM mums:

BEAM means to me EVERYTHING. Restoration of My Life. New non judgemental friendship....and So much more.

I have received Support and friendship

I have met people that understand

BEAM means more than you'll ever know.

BEAM means Everything

It's there when I need it

Beam is like family to me, a breath of fresh air, purpose in life and motivational beyond words

So now we look to 2023. How do we face the future with so much pressure and daily heartache all around us? The best advice we can give is -we face it together! Whatever will happen in 2023 can be faced better and stronger when we are supported and encouraged by one another.

Many mums at BEAM have said that when they realised they were not alone and that others were struggling the same pain of loss of their children it made a huge difference to their lives. When you meet other mums who have travelled the long road of separation and yet have found a way to rebuild their lives it gives you hope. Let 2023 be the year you find a place where others mums just like you are finding a way to move forward with their lives. Get in touch. We would love to hear from you. or 01473 760800

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