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BEAM Poetry Corner

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Welcome to the BEAM Poetry Corner. Here we share the hearts and souls of our Birth Mother's through written creativity. To begin our blog here is a poem written by one of our Mum's.

The Parent Advocacy Poem

Some of these women,

have had children removed from their homes,

leaving them helpless and feeling alone.

Some of these women,

have had children removed from school,

something they didn't see coming at all.

Some of these women have had children removed from birth,

leaving them clueless as to how to walk this earth.

But then they found BEAM,

a supportive place of hope,

they began to see they have a life and they began to cope.

The grief will never leave us,

but we built a new world around our hearts,

full of creativity and poetry and art.

These women say thank you BEAM,

for giving us a chance,

to know we have a life and a new start.


BEAM were approached by The Eden Project in 2020 and asked if our lovely Mums would be interested in writing some poetry about Motherhood.

The Eden Reader

After coming together and discussing what motherhood meant to us, we began making notes and each created a poem. These poems were published in The Eden Reader which can be found using this link.

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